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Hi, I'm Gerard
UX Strategist, Startup Mentor,
Passionate About Creating
Amazing User Experiences.

About Me

Gerard Britto Gerard Britto Stanley UX Designer

I started as a graphic designer in an advertising agency in 1997. Over the past 16 years, I have used my experience of working in varied creative areas to design usable, effective digital experiences for users. I have a proven track record of working in different fields and companies, spanning across large enterprises, SMBs, start-ups, and agencies. I am currently the Design Director at CallidusCloud (NASDAQ: CALD), accountable for the User Experience of CallidusCloud Marketing Automation Platform (LeadFormix).

I have a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, and passionate about innovation, education, music, photography, and cycling.


UX - Leadformix

System Design

UX - Leadhooks

Icon Design

Technical Illustrations


Mobile App

Brand Identity

Social Initiative

"BREAKING THE WALL" was founded to enable students to choose what they are passionate about as a career. In the context of the Indian culture, students end up choosing a career due to the options given by their parents, social pressure, or industry requirements. Rarely do they choose what they love to do. Breaking The Wall hopes to inspire students and provide them with the relevant information required to pursue doing what they love.

If you have any questions, or are looking to contribute, leave me a message.

Racing the Clouds

I have completed one my dream rides in the Himalayas: Manali to Leh. Over 10 days, I climbed from 6400ft to 17582ft. It was the most incredible ride of my life. All it took was to soak in the beauty of the terrain, and just keep going. Nothing else mattered. Check out my blog, where I have tried to capture what happened each day.

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Shooting 365 Days

Amateur photographer, trying to capture the emotion that I experience, through photography.

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Digital Art

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